We’ve spent 20 minutes in vain thinking of what genre to describe these two massive Evil Nine club tracks as.

However, what we do know is that it’s big-peak-time-party-coming-up-and-dancing-yer-tits-off music, should beatport declare that to be a permissible genre.

When we got them through we we’re taken aback by how infectiously boisterous and fun they were so we insisted that we put them out.

Evil Nine have been about for blimmin’ years (since the end of the last century in fact) making umpteen fantastic records and jetting across the planet since back in the good old days when DJ Street was paved with gold, cocaine and hookers. But for us these two tracks sound like something seriously new, so fit extremely well with what we do here at Bad Life. Yeah, there’s cheeky winks to the past, but it’s the way that it’s brought together that for us makes this EP very exciting indeed.

Definitely coming to a club near you.