NT89 has been a Bad Life brother since we started, and for his first EP with us, he shares his Payne.

With a title like that, it’s unsurprisingly big, dark and violent. You really worry about such noises coming from one so young. It’s 4am zombie hypnosis. It’s a chilling tango for the urban undead. It’s Future Techno.

He is arguably one of the most forward thinking producers around, counting Tiga, Erol, Laurent Garnier, Diplo and Style of Eye amongst his admirers.

Obi Blanche decided against a new age folk rework, and instead the Bang Gang/Mad Decent man went for some more massive banging techno that’s not for the faint-hearted.

Respite is offered with the more classic Aphelion, which when viewed alongside his previous work; such as the stunning EP’s Thyme, Panda and Plug, you can see the variation that makes him so special.

- His set at our festival was insane.
- Madonna described him as “the greatest modern Techno producer around. His tracks bang my tits off.”
- He has outstanding facial hair.

- Let your girlfriend listen to Payne alone in a basement.
- Listen to Payne after watching Crimewatch, and you are prone to nightmares.
- Listen to Payne if you have an existing heart condition.