Close mates The Walk and Rogerseventytwo started to DJ together in the summer of 2004. They toured throughout Europe, and began to develop a fanatical fanbase in their home country of the Netherlands.

In 2010, Roger and Tom became TWR72 and started to produce tracks together. The sound that they created has been defined by BBC Radio 1 as Future Techno. At the start of 2010 they got signed by Instant Replay where they released two EP’s that were supported by a very impressive range of DJs; Brodinski, Laidback Luke, Bart  B More, Sound Pellegrino Thermal Theme, Zombie Nation, A-trak, Tom Trago and Joost van Bellen. They join us at Bad Life at a time where they have several remixes forthcoming including a rework of a Dinosaurs with Guns track that is to be released on the prestigious Sound Pellegrino label .

As their productions began to grow, TWR72 became keen to perform their music. And the realisation of that desire is outstanding. They have developed an awe inspiring live set with an ingenious visual show that has got a lot of people talking. Keep an eye on them , because we reckon TWR72 are going to be massive.